About Us


We  specialize in the use of Artificial intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytics and Big Data capabilities to delivery business change & transformation within the banking and financial services sector.

Our end clients include top high-street banks like HSBC, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), Lloyds Banking Group, Scottish Widows, HBOS (Bank of Scotland) & Barclays and even tech majors like Huawei Technologies.

We are currently working on an AI enabled digital platform to enable business leaders to tap global markets.

Conceived on the principle that magic happens when business leaders connect, Crossing35.com will help business leaders find and securely connect with fellow business leaders in English-speaking markets like Australia, India, UK and the Americas, to tap each other's markets through business partnerships.

We are also developing a Global Accelarator Program to help tech startups in the AI and IoT space to launch their products on a global markets.

Kaveripatnam UK Ltd (Trading Name Nara Iyer Research  is based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Our Team

Srini Janardhanan

Srini has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing from University of Edinburgh and has authored over 50 research papers on the subject.

Over the last 10 years he had led and participated in several cutting edge development on conversational technology - tech where Dialogue systems, Chatbots, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence converge.  He has also developed several award winning chatbots over this time.

The picture on the right was taken in BBC’s studios. He blogs his thoughts at medium.com/@srinivasancj.

Kishore Raghupathi

Kishore is a technology specialist, project manager & entrepreneur all rolled into one. He handles the India desk for Crossing35, the AI building platform we are building for business leaders.

He has an amazing grip of  international business and is a master in building and nurturing corporate relationships. He has worked extensively in the UK, Australia and in India.

An alumni of IIM Kolkata & Chalmers Business College in Melbourne, Kishore had worked in the corporate world for more than 20  years.

He gave up his career at IBM to promote his own start-up, Foodmingo,  one of India's premier technology start-up that operates in the Food aggregator space.  He had earlier promoted a tech start up in the UK which he exited successfully.

Nara Kaveripatnam (Founder Director, Nara Iyer Research)


I am a Business Architect. I specialize in digital transformation, technology adoption & data analytics in the banking industry.

My clients include corporations in the US like Thomson Reuters and Oracle Corp among others. In the UK, I had worked with almost all the top banks.

I had also been retained by companies as far afield like Huawei in China.

My linkedin profile has all the details https://uk.linkedin.com/in/narakaveripatnam

Veni Kaveripatnam


Veni investigates financial crimes and consults in the area of Anti Money Laundering, Sanctions and other areas that keep our banking world safe from financial criminals.

Veni is a social butterfly, so when she is not pursuing those unfortunate wrong doers in our banking system, you will find her hanging out with friends or busy keeping up with them on facebook and whatsapp.

Veni is also a qualified Swedish Massage Therapist and is training for her certification as Sports and Remedial Massages Therapist.

You can connect with Veni on Linkedin here.

Amrita Narayanan


Amrita is the youngest in our team and is interning with us. She handles the Australian Desk.

A quick learner, she takes nothing at face-value and has an opinion on everything. A perfect mix of analytics and creativity, she is forever curious about all things economics.

A walking jukebox she seems to know the lyrics and tune to every song ever created... and that's not a exaggeration.   When she is not digging data, she is lost in her books or hanging out with her mates...(or eating ice cream)

Amrita plans to study economics after her internship here.