Nara Iyer Research: About Us

Nara Iyer Research Limited is an Edinburgh, Scotland-based company that specialises in developing Artificial Intelligence-enabled products and applications aimed at businesses.

Originally incorporated in August 2009 as Kaveripatnam UK Ltd, the company specialised in helping banks implement cutting-edge technologies. It grew quickly and added some of the UK's biggest high street banks like HSBC, Barclays, RBS, Lloyds Banking Group to its client list besides technology companies like Huawei, China.

The company changed its name to Nara Iyer Research Limited in 2017 and moved from consulting to developing Artificial Intelligence-enabled products and applications. It moved to Codebase in Edinburgh in March 2018.

The company’s first product development initiative involved building an AI-enabled digital platform called to help British businesses expand into global markets quickly. This was successfully spun off as a separate company in early 2017.

The company is currently working on developing multiple AI products for business.

We are located in Codebase,  UK's largest technology incubator and home to more than 100 of the country’s best technology companies.

Nestled in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, co-located with The University of Edinburgh, next to Edinburgh College of Art, and only a five minute walk from School of Informatics and major tech startups like SkyScannerNara Iyer Research is embedded in one of Europe's hottest technology and business centres.

Our Team

Nara Kaveripatnam (Founder Director, Nara Iyer Research)

About Nara Iyer: headshot of Nara Kaveripatnam

Nara Kaveripatnam, (LinkedIn profile) our founder specializes in AI, mostly for banks & financial services sector. He had studied AI Strategy for Business in MIT Sloan School of Management, Boston and has a Masters in Commerce from India.

Nara started in the Silicon Valley and has worked in the US, India and the UK over the past 25 years. Nara’s client list include some of the largest tech corporations in the world like Oracle in the US to Huawei in China.  Here in the UK, almost all the top high street banks have been his clients.

Hollan Haule

Hollan Haule head shot, machine learning expert for Nara Iyer Research

Hollan, (LinkedIn Profile) is our resident AI specialist and chief nerd. He has a MSc (AI) from the University of Edinburgh, and a degree in Computer Engineering & Information Technology from the University of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He too has a background in working on the tech side of banking.

Having realised he enjoys being a creator more than a fixer Hollan now works with his team to build cutting edge AI enabled products. Outside the world of programming Hollan loves puzzles and plays football.