Nara Iyer Research: About Us

Nara Iyer Research uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to deliver business change.

We believe that AI and its associated technologies have quickly become today's defining business trend. Businesses need to capitalise on this trend to survive and thrive.

Nara Iyer Research has two interconnecting parts: AI consultancy and executive training.

We create and deliver executive training in AI to enable today's CEOs -- with any or no technical background -- embed AI in their businesses for greater growth and prosperity. Our consultants leverage their expertise in natural language processing, chatbots, machine learning, biologically inspired algorithms, traditional AI and business analysis to deliver transformational business systems.

Nara Iyer Research is built on 25-years experience working with top UK banks

Our work is informed by our experience with leading technology and research companies.

Having learned from some of the best in business and academia, Nara Iyer Research draws on talent from at least a half dozen countries.

We're going places

Nara Kaveripatnam regularly joins other thought leaders on UK Government trade missions.

Nara Kaveripatnam speaking at the China International Big Data Expo in 2017, for Nara Iyer Research.

Nara Kaveripatnam speaking at the China International Big Data Expo in 2017

Nara Kaveripatnam with DIT's Liam Fox and Antonia Romeo in Washington, DC, for Nara Iyer Research.

Nara with delegates on UK trade mission to Washington, DC, including The Rt Hon Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, and Antonia Romeo, DIT Permanent Secretary is our biggest journey yet

We're currently building the world's first AI-powered Go Global Methodology™ for SMEs at

Global expansion through joint ventures beats export as a means of business growth. It avoids the pitfalls of international trade disputes but it can be daunting at first, with expert assistance costly and difficult to obtain. Our Go Global Methodology™ employs chatbots and other AI to guide CEOs through the global expansion process, test out markets and produce an actionable business plan for global expansion.

Built on the belief that magic happens when CEOs meet, our global CEOs receive expert collaborative online training to take their business to the world. Our Go Global Methodology™ workbook provides a structured process to identify the right business for the right market, with sector and geographically specific knowledge. Our chatbot finds information quickly and provides answers as they are needed. Our GlobalCEO.Community (coming soon) connects CEOs interested in global expansion and building joint ventures. enters Alpha testing in Q3 2018, with a Beta release scheduled for the first half of 2019. The first version will focus on connecting business leaders in the English-speaking markets of North America, UK and Asia-Pacific.

At the centre of a technological revolution

Nara Iyer Research is at the centre of a technological revolution.

We are located in Codebase in the centre of Edinburgh.

Codebase is the UK's largest technology incubator, home to more than 100 of the country’s best technology companies. In the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, co-located with The University of Edinburgh, next to Edinburgh College of Art, only a five minute walk from School of Informatics and major tech startups like SkyScanner, Nara Iyer Research is embedded in one of Europe's hottest technology and business centres.

We inhabit an enviable concentration of talent, knowledge, skills and funding. We employ this talent, knowledge and skill to educate business leaders in AI and help them realise what AI can do to transform their business.

Our Team

Nara Kaveripatnam (Founder Director, Nara Iyer Research)

About Nara Iyer: headshot of Nara Kaveripatnam

Nara is a Business Architect who specializes in digital transformation, technology adoption & data analytics in the banking industry.

Originally from India, Nara has lived in California and Boston before eventually bringing his family to Edinburgh, Scotland. He studied Artificial Intelligence at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Nara's clients have included corporations in the US like Thomson Reuters and Oracle Corp, amongst others. In the UK, he has worked with almost all the top banks. He has also been retained by companies as far afield as Huawei Technologies in China.

Nara's LinkedIn profile has all the details.

Hollan Haule

Hollan Haule head shot, machine learning expert for Nara Iyer Research

Hollan, an Artificial Intelligence graduate from the University of Edinburgh, has a background in Computer Engineering & Information Technology from the University of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, which previously led him to a 4 year career as a Banking Network Infrastructure Consultant.

Self-defined as a real geek with a passion for programming, he uses his spare time to explore new technologies and ideas. His desire to solve problems using technology and experience new challenges prompted his ongoing journey into Artificial Intelligence.

Having realised he enjoys being a creator more than a fixer Hollan now works as a Developer on coding to his heart’s content.

Outside the world of programming Hollan loves puzzles and plays foosball. He often challenges the team to a game.

Find out more about Hollan on LinkedIn.

Morgan Tamplin

About Nara Iyer: Morgan Tamplin head shot

Morgan holds a BA(hons) in Applied Psychology and a MSc in IT:Knowledge-Based Systems (Artificial Intelligence).

Originally from Canada, he has lived in Germany, Japan and Belgium before settling in Edinburgh, Scotland. Morgan focused his AI studies on biologically-inspired algorithms such as neural networks, ant algorithms, genetic and evolutionary algorithms. He has also worked extensively with mobile robotics and reconfigurable semiconductors.

Recent work has been a departure from research. Morgan built and managed a secure UK-wide network for a cancer charity. More recently, he has helped University of Edinburgh School of Informatics researchers turn their technological discoveries into start up companies.

Morgan manages the web presence of Nara Iyer Research, developing high value content and learning experiences to raise awareness about the company's brand and activities. He is also helping the Crossing35 team integrate their systems with the other parts of the business, like Customer Relationship Management system, group forums and Learning Management System.

When not working (which isn't often), Morgan likes messing around with gadgets and spending time with his Bengals, Dubhgall and Clywd (like their Facebook page to stay current with their activities). He spends a lot of time avoiding fixing up his flat.

More information about Morgan at LinkedIn.